The Salt-Making Journey at Haleiwa Salt Co.

A Fusion of Tradition and Innovation

Get Salty

Our salt-making process is a harmonious blend of Hawaiian tradition and modern innovation. Inspired by the natural occurrence of salt forming in oceanfront ponds during the summer months, we embark on our journey by carefully collecting saltwater from Oahu’s North Shore. The collection is just the beginning and it’s where meticulous attention is given to the filtration process to ensure purity.

Reduce, Reduce, Reduce

This phase is the heart of our craft, requiring time and labor-intensive dedication. The saltwater is placed in our large evaporation pots, where it undergoes a boiling process to eliminate excess minerals and impurities. Once the water reaches its peak salinity, it undergoes a final filtration before advancing to the evaporation room.

The Transformation Begins

In the evaporation room, the fruits of our labor begin to materialize. Beautiful diamond shapes gracefully emerge at the surface of the evaporation pan. As these crystals reach their prime, they gently fall like snowflakes to the bottom of the pan, signifying their readiness for harvest.

Final Drying Touch

Following their removal from the evaporation pan, the salt crystals proceed to the drying room, where they crisp and shed any lingering moisture. This transformative journey culminates in the creation of Haleiwa Salt—from Pacific waves to your table.